[Köpråd] Register my VW Transporter as lätt lastbil for lower fordonsskatt

Hello from Germany First of all: My apoligies that I write in english. My girlfriend and I are about to move to Sweden in late September to work in Stockholm, and we just started to learn the swedish language. I hope that this is no problem for you guys and that maybe somebody can help me with the questions I have. While everything is in order for the move, there is one thing that is on my mind: We own a Volkswagen Transporter T4 diesel. We use it to transport our dirt bikes and to sleep in it at dirtbke tracks when we stay longer than one day. When I thought about bringing the car to Sweden with us, I realized that fordonsskatt for diesel cars is very much in Sweden. So, here are my questions:- Is it correct that I have to pay lower fordonsskatt for diesel cars registered as lätt lastbil? - What are the requirements for my car to have it registered as a lätt lastbil? I have read about a seperation wall behind the front seats, lashing points in the back, cargo area of 1,70m or more, no seats in the back. There seem to be new regulations since some time, so I am a bit confused here. Some people say that there is no seperation wall or fence needed if you lash down the items you are carrying, so I am trying to find out that is correct. A bit more facts about my car that might be helpful:- First registered in 1997 - 2,5L TDI Diesel 102HP - Long and high version - Only two seats (fitted to the car) - Four sets (registered in the german documents) - Length of cargo area: 2,75m - Maximum weight: 2800kg - No seatbelts in the back - Two lashing points in the back, three lash rails in the back (look like these: https://www.lasi24-shop.de/media/images . 379.03.jpg) - Windows all around Thank you very much for your help. Carsten

Köpråd - få tips på hur du köper den billigaste bilen

Att tänka på när du ska köpa bil. Ha inte bråttom när du köper begagnad bil. Du har mycket att vinna på att undersöka marknaden. Begagnatmarknaden skiljer sig en hel del från marknaden för nya bilar. Urvalet är till exempel mycket större. Det finns också fler bilhandlare som säljer begagnat. Dessutom kan man köpa av privatpersoner.

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